Wednesday, 5 December 2007

A guide to avoid being kidnapped in Iraq

STEP 1. - To avoid being kidnapped in Iraq, don't go there.

The way I see it, if people go to Iraq, a current warzone, and then get kidnapped, well, surely it was down to their act of stupidity. Aid workers go there knowing the risks and accept those risks, and as for telecomms engineers and computer technicians, well, they go there for reasons of greed.

Must Watch More Box

I've got so many things to be watched, and no time with which to stare at them. The SKY+ box is filled with items that require a viewing, I've got loads of DVDs to be watched, The Hitcher, Black Christmas and Children of Men among the top of my list. Maybe I'll need to spend the entire Christmas period watching all that stuff but then, when am I going to watch all the items I record over Christmas. Ahhh well, I guess the BBC will help me by screening nothing but crap and repeats.