Thursday, 9 August 2007

Roseanne Barr's Sex Tape Goes Missing

Now there's a headline you never thought you'd see... and surely a tape that nobody wants to see. God, I really hope someone stole it for the sole purpose of destroying it. Ugh....

Roseanne Barr sex tape goes missing
Wednesday, August 8 2007, 12:04 BST

By Kimberley Dadds
Roseanne Barr has offered a reward to anyone that can locate a sex tape of her that has gone missing.The comedienne has fired an intern who she alleges stole the tape while working for her on her MySpace page.Now Barr has put up a reward of £12,500 for its safe return, saying on her website: "One of the interns who was administering my MySpace page has been fired. He has stolen my private sex tape.

From DigitalSpy

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